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Braxton’s (Brax) fight began 4 years ago. At the time, she was 9 years old and just completed a successful gymnastics season as a level 4 gymnast at Twin City Twisters, where she was named the TCT Fast Track Most Valuable Gymnast. But in January 2019, Brax was diagnosed with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, marking the start of her journey. 

Since her diagnosis, she has been nothing short of inspiring. Brax has partnered with the community to help other children and families facing similar challenges that come with a cancer diagnosis. With the strong desire to give back and help others, she started TB1Fund. The foundation’s mission is to brighten days for patients and families going through similar fights at MHealth Fairview Masonic Children's Hospital

Brax finished her original treatment in May 2021, but unfortunately, relapsed last November and is currently undergoing a second round of treatment. We are all ready to rally behind her! UNRL has teamed up with Brax to launch a limited edition collection, available now until February 21st.

100% of proceeds from the collection will be donated to TB1Fund to support the MHealth Fairview Masonic Children's Hospital. #WeGotThis


Support TB1Fund by shopping the UNRL x Brax collection